Oh! You're actually on my about page... ummm... Welcome, come in :) Sorry I haven't cleaned up, I wasn't expecting any visitors (yet).

I am a digital nomand; you know, one of those people that conveniently learned (and love) a job that allows them to work from anywhere in the world. The blessings of the internet! So when I'm not on my knees chasing pictures with the camera or working on some of my own projects, you might find me doing some freelance web development. Or reading in a hammock at some tropical garden.

When traveling I love to stay in places for a while to (get past the culture shock before judging anything) really experience the culture and get a chance to get off the beaten track. I enjoy having my beliefs challenged, challenging other's beliefs and to be "confused about the basics", as a friend of mine put it. You've gotta love the way traveling makes you see everything with child's eyes again! (Sometimes feeling as helpless as a child isn't that much fun, but hey, you can only learn!)

Life is what you make it; your only limits are the ones you put on yourself and if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough :)