02 Sep 2014

The last two months have been a blur. We started to get fat in Cambodia from all the rice so we sold the motorbikes and went to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend to get culture-shocked by civilisation and went on to Turkey (Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir) where we got mesmerised by the massive deep hanging circles of chandeliers and the intricate patterns inside the mosques, ate our way through piles and piles of turkish delight, baklava and other stomach-blowing local delicacies at the Spice Markets and cuddled uncounted street dogs and cats.

31 May 2014

I feel like I'm really getting used to this place by now. Maybe a little too used... Inspired by this list I've noticed a few signs that might tell that you've been in Cambodia for too long. Here's the checklist.

21 Apr 2014

So I believe I am finally getting over my culture shock but I'm still struggling to find words to describe this Kingdom of Wonder, even though I feel I haven't even seen a lot of it yet. It's a fascinating country but both strangely forbidding and attractive at the same time...

28 Mar 2014

I've been in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for about over a month now and it's just hitting me. I know my negative focus at the moment is due to the culture shock so even though I'm missing Australia very much right now and have a hard time remembering why I ever wanted to do this, I've got good faith that I will get used to it all eventually and start to enjoy the good sides again like I did in the beginning. And that I'll have some good stories to tell afterwards.

31 Jan 2014

The Overland Track is a week-long 70km hike through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and has a reputation for being one of the world's great wilderness hikes. For Sarah and me it was the first overnight hike ever and what an experience! Here's the whole adventure.